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Choose Fashion Replica Celine Bags

Do you ever wonder where fashion bloggers get all of their replica Celine bags and Prada platforms? You aren’t the only one. As an avid blog reader, I often find myself groaning in envy at the sight of international bloggers dressed in the latest Calvin Klein shift dress or burberry replica handbags trench. Do you know how much I would have to work to afford a creation by the likes of Francisco Costa, Riccardo Tisci, or Miuccia Prada? The mere thought makes me want to cry and forces me to resort to eBay for second-hand Marc Jacobs flats (Just kidding. I don’t mess with used shoes). Truthfully, there are a lot of really hard working bloggers on the internet, but there are also a lot that just get handed designer accessories left and right for a simple shout out. Anybody can do that, right? Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it (think sales, sales, and more sales). I’m certainly not trying to downplay the creativity of bloggers, because I really do think that they not only have a knack for what they do and a voice of their own. I would just like to point out that we can’t all afford Balenciaga vests or designer collaborated shoes. I’m talking to you, Leandra. It’s important to recognize, accept, and grow from this disappointing fact. With the help of high-street stores, charity shops, and crafty DIY projects, dressing like your favorite bloggers, editors, or street style stars is easier than you think. I gathered outfit ideas from four very known bloggers and took to Polyvore for a little technology collage time. Take a look below!

Blogger and stylist Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanneli is always ahead of the curve, and this outfit is no exception. Miuccia Prada made it clear at her spring shows that she’s bringing crop tops back, and she’s cutting them a little shorter as well. Embrace the nude tone trend that was heavy at the Golden Globes by opting for this peach pencil skirt, lace crop top, nude blazer, gold collar necklace, suede carry-all pouch, and classic mary janes.

Rumi Neely of The Fashion Toast

Rumi typically sports a cool, California girl style, but I can’t help preferring her edgier NYFW outfits. Bundle up in a feminine black dress, a couple pairs of tights, and a leopard coat from ModCloth (under $40!). Accessorize with a pair of Steve Madden wedges and a shopper celine replica handbags by Aldo.